Elephant Sleep Friend Toy


Stuffed Elephant Toy Sleep Friend

Dimensions:  15x62cm (approximately)

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For both the health and happiness of children; It is a very cute toy where they can cuddle and sleep, gain love for animals, and develop their sense of loyalty and friendship.

The outer surface of the toy is made of 100% cotton fabric. It is very important that the fabric of the toy is cotton, especially since children between the ages of 0-2 recognize all the objects around them by putting them in their mouths.

Silicone fiber is used as filling material inside the toy.

Dimensions: It measures 15x62cm.


Attention: Cloth toys are carefully sewn during production, but as they are used and for various reasons, these seams may loosen and open. The decorations on the toy may become loose. The filling material inside the product may overflow from the dismantled areas. In such cases, you should immediately take the toy from your child and repair it.


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